What is better than chilling out on a Friday evening, with a nice glass of red (or white) and knowing that you are doing your bit to help us help cats?

Thanks to Goodwill Wine we now have our own wine label….and we think it looks just purrfect.

Click here to order your Christmas drinks now and help us help the stray cats of inner Sydney.

Stray rescue cats


We’re a group of compassionate, passionate cat lovers who are making a difference to the lives of street cats. We work towards rescuing and saving the strays, the abandoned, the unloved, and the neglected cats and kittens in inner city Sydney.

Please explore our website to find out more about us and of course to see some of the cutest rescue cats and kittens ever :-) And please don’t forget to also check out our Facebook page.

We could always do with more assistance so if you’d like to help out in some way please get in contact.

Inner City Strays is proud to be part of a fantastic initiative by the City of Sydney. The City of Sydney has received a grant of which a substantial portion will target humane management of stray cat populations in its LGA. The funding is part of the Office of Local Government’s Responsible Pet Ownership Grant. Any kittens we foster under this scheme will have their veterinary work covered by the grant which reduces our financial burden.

This covers cats only in the City Of Sydney’s LGA – residents can contact the City’s Companion Animals Liaison Officer, Michelle O’Brien, on 9265 9333 if you wish to discuss this further.

Bear living like a King now

This handsome cat, affectionately known as Bear, did it tough on the streets for a number of years. For Bear, life finally turned out for the better. He is currently living like a king with a lovely, loving family who adore him to bits :-)

Cats and kittens rescued from the streets
and more coffees while rescuing kitties
kgs of cat food per week
+ hours of stressing


If you adopt us we will love you forever.

These cats and kittens below might be stray, abandoned and homeless but they would absolutely adore your love. They have been lovingly socialised by our awesome foster carers and are now looking for a loving forever home.

Please consider offering them a second chance to a better life that they have so far not experienced.

All our kittens/cats have been microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated (and loved and pampered to the max). The cats are desexed but the kittens which are too young to be desexed get desexed when they are slightly older. More details in our Adoption Policy which you can read here.

How can you say no to our available kitties below who are waiting for your love?

If you’re interested in adopting please fill in the form by clicking the big button below the kitten profiles that says “drop us a line if you’d like to adopt and save a stray”.



Brief Description:

  • Female Domestic Short Hair

  • Located in New South Wales

  • Not available for interstate adoption


Macy is our little Ma’am – that stands for ‘most adorable + amazing munchkin’.

She’s also slightly mad. She must have watched to many dogs frolicking in the park when she was living on the streets as she definitely thinks she is one. She also has a thing for hairbands – yep the type your teenage daughter ties her hair with. Throw Macy a hairband and she will bring it back to you to throw again. She loves hairbands.

Macy has the softest and most exquisite coat. Her amazing markings defy her humble beginnings. Macy was found hiding under a pallet in a truck weigh bridge at just 12 weeks of age. We don’t know what she watched there but she was very very scared when we found her and still takes a little time to love new humans.

Small children make her nervous however a nice relaxed home with respectful older children or adults would be perfect.She adores other cats and kittens. Once settled she will jump up on your lap for cuddles. And she will find all those long lost hairbands.
If you would like to meet this gorgeous girl, please fill the expression of interest form by clicking on the big button below that says “Drop us a line if you’d like to adopt and save a stray”. Many thankful meows :-)



6 months

Adoption Fee:










Petrescue Id:


Adoption Notes: Our adoption costs covers microchipping, desexing, first vaccination, and worming. We ask interested adopters to attend a meet and greet of the kitten before committing. We do not transport kittens interstate. Sydney only please.

Macy is desexed, microchipped, flea and worm treated and F3 vaccinated.


Save a stray today and …..

A kitten is saved from the streets.

A kitten is saved from an early death.

A kitten is saved from constant hunger.

A cat is saved from endless pregnancies.

A cat is saved from abuse.

A cat is saved from being run over.

Get good karma.

Be loved by the stray cat you saved.

Enjoy the purrs.


Street cats don’t have it easy.

Our aim is to change that.

We need foster carers to help us socialise stray cats and help with the rehoming process.

Our amazing team of foster carers foster young kittens through to adult ex colony cats. If you’d like to join the team and are interested in fostering kittens/cats, please get in touch! The more foster carers we have the more kittens and cats we can take off the streets.


Some of “our” Inner City Strays

Avada Admin
Avada Admin
Avada Admin
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Cute Kitten
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Please assist us to continue to rescue, foster and adopt the many stray cats of the city.

Donate money:

You can donate money via Paypal or directly into our bank account.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Paypal donations can be made from here:

Gift Donation to Inner City Strays

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Donation Total: $30

Our bank account details are:
Inner City Strays BSB: 032298 Account: 385762

  • Please email if you have used this option with your name, and reference details, so that we can send you a tax receipt.

Donate food/equipment/toys/etc:

You may also donate cat food, equipment, toys, etc to us by dropping some off at Balmain Vets at 77 Victoria Rd, Balmain (attention Diana). Alternatively please get in touch and we can provide you with further drop off points around Sydney.

How will your donation be utilised?

You donation will go towards the costs associated with looking after the cats and kittens. These include:

Medical care, general vet fees, food, desexing, vaccinating, microchipping, and equipment/toys/etc.

We are an incorporated association charity with tax deductibility and gift recipient status. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

ABN: 77199491539



Inner City Strays, Inc is a not-for-profit incorporated association and charity comprising of a team of dedicated, passionate volunteers.

Our work involves reducing stray numbers by rescuing young kittens and cats from various places around the inner city area of Sydney. We provide them with health checks and necessary veterinary treatments, foster and socialise them, before adopting them out to good homes through respected agencies or veterinary practices.

Currently there is an unknown number of cats living on the streets of Sydney that are constantly at risk of being hit by cars and suffer from untreated disease or injury. These cats form colonies which may comprise of just a few felines to quite a large number.

Through no fault of their own they are often persecuted by residents, members of the public, local businesses or various government departments that refuse to see them as a living, sentient animal.

As we are all volunteers we would love the the support of cat lovers who want to see life-affirming programs implemented. We need tangible contributions; money, volunteers, cat food, foster carers, as well as community legal, veterinary and local business support.

We support the internationally recognised ‘Five Freedoms’ of animal welfare:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury or disease
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour
  • Freedom from fear and distress
Every cat will have food in their belly, a family to love them and a warm place to call home.

Rescuing and reducing the number of stray, homeless street cats and kittens in inner city Sydney and working towards providing them with a forever home.


How to help

Click below to find out how

to help save a stray today.

Saved and Happy

So many lovely, loving people have come forward to adopt and save “our” inner city strays and we, and the kittens/cats, are forever grateful to them. Some of the cats have written, and sent some cat snaps, to show us how happy they are.

save a stray, today

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Thanks to:

Thanks to all the warm, generous, loving people who have helped, volunteered, donated and supported us in so many ways. Without you, we would not have been able to rescue and save so many kittens and cats.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank the following organisations for supporting our cause. Your work, contribution and sponsorship is greatly appreciated.


Christmas Kingdom Christmas decorations is a proud sponsor of Inner City Strays. At Christmas remember a child’s joy at receiving a kitten may wane but a cat is forever. Think carefully before buying a surprise kitten as a present and if you are committed to buying one consider a rescue cat.


ICS would like to acknowledge the work of Balmain Veterinary Hospital for their professional veterinary treatment on our cats and kittens and their kind and generous ongoing support of our adoption program.
ICS would like to acknowledge the support of Budget Pet Products for featuring Inner City Strays on their website to receive donations from their shoppers.

ICS would like to acknowledge CH2 for their donations of food to help feed our cats and kittens.

Hills ICS would like to acknowledge Hill’s Pet Nutrition for their regular donations of food to help feed our cats and kittens.
ICS would like to acknowledge Marrickville Vet Hospital AMS for their professional veterinary treatment and care of our cats and kittens.
ICS would like to acknowledge Mosman Village Vets for their support and assistance with finding homes for our cats and kittens.
ICS would like to acknowledge Petbarn Alexandria for their support with our fundraisers for our rescue felines.
ICS would like to acknowledge Petcure for their professional veterinary treatment and care of our cats and kittens.
ICS would like to acknowledge Princes Highway Veterinary Hospital for their professional veterinary treatment and care of our cats and kittens.
ICS would like to acknowledge Welfare League for Protection of Animals (WLPA) for their help with our stray cats and kittens.
ICS would like to acknowledge Zoetis for their support.